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Our strong commitment to privacy has lead us to put together a privacy statement that showcases our policies in regards to information gathering and disclosure best practises at Yonge Florist Ontario. makes use of cookies to track customer’s shopping carts and to identify the customer so as to be able to retrieve customer information. This is done so that the customer does not have to re-enter their information on every visit to Yonge Florist Ontario and can experience a smoother shopping experience. We do not however store sensitive customer information like credit card or financial details. tracks customer IP address to track a broad range of demographic details as well as to identify unique customers. Moreover, this practise also helps the website administrator administer the online store with ease and helps with diagnosing server issues, in the rare event that they come up.

We give customers an opportunity to register with our website for a personalized shopping experience. The registration form requests information from customers which is then stored in our servers. This information includes customer name, email id, contact information and a few other unique fields which help identify the customer. This information is in turn used to send company information back to the customer. Yonge Florist Ontario also uses this information to send emails in form of 1)newsletters to those visitors who have subscribed for the same 2)Order related updates 3)Inquiry response 4) Other relevant emails. Customers can choose to unsubscribe from our email list to avoid receiving further emails in the future. At Yonge Florist Ontario, we also make use of an online order form which customers can use to request our products or services or simply to make an inquiry. Visitor information collected in this way is used to complete and process orders, and send across company information or enquiry response. We understand the value of protecting customer information and do not trade, exchange, buy, sell or rent customer information to any third party. may contain external links which connect with other websites. We do not take any direct or indirect responsibility for the content, information or privacy and security practises of external websites and links.

Security Policy has taken various security measures to avoid misuse, prevent alternation and protect the loss of valuable customer data on our servers. This is done via putting in place SSL, Encryption methods and using advanced firewall technologies. We also have in place third party security certifications.

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